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Experienced Show Rabbit Breeders


Here at UptonLops we have been producing mainly Lop breeds of rabbits to Show standard since 1989 and a further 4 years before that.  Our rabbits are raised with love and understanding with temperament being of prime importance, followed by type, coat and colour, always adhering to the British Rabbit Council published.

The stud is headed by Jane Bramley and her husband Douglas.

Jane is a recognised three star Fancy judge, a Life Lop Judge and has judged throughout the UK and in Spain.  She has also introduced many fanciers to the complicated subject of colour genetics.

Douglas has recently begun his own small stud of Mini Rex thanks to members of argueably the best breed club in the UK, the British Mini Rex Club.

Upton Lops is situated near the motorway networks in Yorkshire.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline


We carefully choose the buck and doe to help us produce quality show stock.

   We were instrumental in  creating the present Miniature Lops which were recognised as a breed in 1994.

  We also developed the Miniature Lion Lop which has now also spread from its home here at Uptonlops throughout the UK and Europe and Scandinavia.

We are also proud of our achievements in creating several new colours

Recently we have added Mini Rex to the Stud

Our stock is wormed and vaccinated regularly to ensure their good health

About our Lops


Mini Lops and Mini Lion Lops are famed for their temperament.  We spend time with potential new owners both of show/breeding and pet rabbits in order to find the best homes for our wonderful lops.



From the original home of this breed, we have pioneered this beautiful breed in all its colours.

The breed began by an import from Europe which was originally a mutation of a fur breed.  Some breeders crossed these large rabbits with, amongst others, Netherlands dwarfs to begin the creation of the lion head.  Others crossed the mutations with a smallish lop to start the breed of a lopped Lion.

This is where we became involved and crossed these large manned lops with our established line of Mini Lops

Unusually, we quickly became aware that the new meaning gene was dominant!  Hugely rare!

Over many years the breed, now known as Miniature Lion Lop, was developed into a specially beautiful rabbit echoing the size, type and colours of the Mini Lop with the addition of a stunning mane of longer hair encircling the head as in a big cat Male LION.

Miniature Lop


I'd always loved Dwarf Lops when small and cute babies, and began the long task of developing a smaller version.  We applied for the breed to be accepted and after a long fight the present Mini Lop was created.  

The early interest was immense and some breeders turned to Holland to import the larger small lops.  Eventually a compromise was reached between the smaller British Mini Lop and the larger imports.  The standard for weight was agreed and they were accepted officially by the British Rabbit Council in 1994.

Today we see the results of many excellent breeders working together and producing the popular Mini Lop of today.  

BRC Shows in the UK


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Mini Lop litters


We usually have litters available throughout the year as show, breeding or pet rabbits to 5* approved.

They are available at around 10 weeks old depending on their development.  We do not provide rabbits in pairs.

Lion Lop babies


We breed very few Lionlops and only release any of our precious babies to approved homes

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